Craig (Keith, Aberdeenshire, age 9)

Thrive is great. It really helped me because it made me calmer, positive and powerful. Thank you for helping me to Thrive Shaaron.

Alison (Keith, Aberdeenshire)
Thrive was a great experience and really helped my son and I to think about things in a different and more positive way. It is fantastic to see how confident my son has become since he started Thrive. Shaaron is very patient and her Thrive sessions were tailored to suit my son. As a result they were very effective. Thank you Shaaron.


Lynne (Aberdeen)

Having sat through the Thrive programme while my son did it I wasn’t sure how much more I would get from doing the programme myself. Had I already started down road to Thriving? Well sort of, I had learned many of the tools but it quickly became clear that I hadn’t been applying them in MY life so I had not had the true benefits. Thrive can’t be done by default. YOU have to work on YOU. I really took my time to work through the reading and the exercises as I wanted to get the maximum benefit from it and I am so glad that I did. I encourage anyone who undertakes Thrive to do the same, success comes with the effort you are willing to put in. I was staggered at the difference in my scores between start and finish. In fact I can’t remember the person who would have answered the first quiz. I don’t recognise her, she is no longer me – and I don’t want her back. The effect has been extremely powerful and beneficial to me.  It is vital that you instil the good habits you will learn into your life for the long term. When I was working through Thrive I had in mind a challenge I was going to set myself when I finished. I was going to run a 10k. I picked something I hated so that it would be more of a challenge. I had tried running in the past and never made anything of it, failed at the first hurdle, convinced myself I hated it and it was not for me. I started my challenge by downloading a 0-10k app and day one was 2 days after my last Thrive session. Not only did I complete that session it seemed to get easier as I worked through it, I really knew I would do it this time. I did get a bit lost in the forest I chose for my first run, and I ended up completing my run and then having to find my way back. I came home and mapped my route and I’d done 7.7k walking and running. Suddenly in 4 hours I had gone from being determined to do this however long it took to thinking I hadn’t set a big enough challenge. I had failed before not because I was unfit but because I didn’t believe I could do it. The girl that couldn’t became the girl that did. Just like that. And I could not stop smiling during that run or after. Because when you smash your challenges you reinforce everything you have learned and you just get better and better. So do Thrive, you won’t regret it. You might not be sure if you really need it, you probably do. And even if you don’t NEED it you will still get amazing benefits you will not want to be without. And be sure to continue to set yourself challenges and goals, aiming to improve every day and reinforce the lessons you will learn. I feel younger, bouncier and I am most certainly truly happy. And between the smiles I do sometimes feel a little tearful as I am so proud of what I have done and how easy it might have been not to take that initial leap of faith in Shaaron and Thrive. Shaaron’s guidance through Thrive was essential to my understanding and getting the most out of it. I will be eternally grateful to her and Rob for bringing Thrive into mine and my family’s lives. I cannot recommend her and the Thrive programme enough.

Living and loving life


Lynne (Aberdeen, for David, age 11)

Putting my son through Thrive was so rewarding for us both. I don’t know how anyone could understand the true value of the programme before embarking on it but it is truly life-changing. Some people NEED Thrive but everyone will benefit. To know that I was able to give my son the skills NOW so he can Thrive for his life is a wonderful feeling and far more valuable than the latest video console. I was really worried about him, his self esteem was low, he had lost confidence, he seemed to be a target for bullies. I was very concerned he was heading for mental health problems later. But after just one session of Thrive things changed – I thought I might see improvement by halfway through but no…immediately. And it was so noticeable you couldn’t have put it down to anything else. I also thought he might not be happy to engage with his Thrive consultant but she immediately put him at ease and also seemed to know just how to make it click for him, this is no one size fits all approach! The result?  He is so much HAPPIER! He is flourishing and enjoying life more. He takes notice of things with a fresh wonder. He is LIVING. He is now able to keep perspective when he faces challenges (as we all will do) and has also been able to cope with some big changes that I don’t think would have gone so smoothly without Thrive. He is more focussed and determined because he now knows he CAN. The programme helped him so much with his self esteem and confidence but it really has affected all aspects of his life and so is so much more than a sticking plaster. Thrive works. I would recommend it to anyone and I’d love to think this was available to all children in schools one day – let’s teach them these skills when they are young so they can be happier and in control of their lives for their whole lives. I am so impressed that I am going to undertake the adult course myself as I have also had some of Thrive rub off while going through the programme with him and I want the whole experience.